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Level: Intermediate

Course Description:
Practical introduction to measuring equipment, calibration methods and techniques such as:
1- Power supply
2- Signal generator
3- Oscilloscope 
4- Multi-meter 
An introduction to algorithm and block diagram 
Practical introduction to sensory devices (sensors) 
Practical introduction of analog circuits 
Practical introduction to input and output management of a circuit 
Practical introduction to the logic means 
Practical introduction of digital circuits and systems
Practical introduction of analog to digital converter circuits
Practical introduction of digital to analog converter circuits 
Practical introduction to radio systems and technologies

Credit Hours: 2

Total Session (hours): 30

Minimum Requirements:
Basic 01 & Basic 02 
Diploma in electronics

Gaining adequate skills to deploy lab equipment. The applicant shall be able to realize and design simple analog/digital circuits with various concepts as well as standalone, modular basis, coupling techniques and also the power properties. 

Course Fee:
8700 RM